The youth are the future!


Join us for this lighthearted conversation with Ms. Shannel Blake, a recent Bowie State grad, who is doing amazing research.


"My research was about the influence of social media on people of color’s perception of police misconduct. I worked alongside faculty from the Psychology, Child and Adolescence Studies & Criminal Justice departments," says Shannel Blake ('20)


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A candid conversation with Dr. Chris Ferguson (@CJFerguson1111) about his career, hobbies, politics, and more!!!


**This episode was recorded in Early January 2021**


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Do you have a passion for psychology and social media? Interested in learning about securing the bag and more?

Join us as we talk with Dr. Chanda Reynolds about how she's using social media to expand her brand (@MindsoftheCulture) and educate the masses with her expertise! 

Are you about to graduate from your program and you're nervous about your next steps? Join us as we speak to Dr. Andres De Los Reyes about navigating through the difficulties of an early career. 


Also, struggling to navigate the pandemic and Questioning your level of productivity? 

Dr. De Los Reyes provides great insight into finding yourself and establishing a balance between the chaos brought on by the pandemic and one's level of productivity!



October 13, 2020

Overcoming Procrastination

Join us as we have a candid conversation with Dr. Linda Sapadin about her book "Overcoming Your Procrastination! College Student Edition" and the ways in which her techniques & recommendations can help you curb your procrastination and ace your assignments

Whether you're just starting out or knee-deep in it, the dissertation process is anything but easy. Dr. Joanne Broder, author of "Finish Your Dissertation, Don't Let It Finish You" joins us today. She shares her dissertation writing experience and highlights the strategies and techniques that can make writing a dissertation more manageable.


Folks, there are PLENTY of Gems & Jewels being shared!

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